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Provide custom Alignment-Constants for MC,RECO

To use custom alignment-constants, set the following Environment-Variables before running your script:

export SVD_PAR=./gsim_svd2par.dat
export ALIGN_SVD2_DSSD=./alignment_constants.dat
export ALIGN_SVD2_DSSD_MCRECON=./alignment_constants.dat
A appropiate gsim_svd2par.dat is attached together with example-files for perfect alignment. Put these into your folder. The Syntax of the alignment_constants is one DSSD per line in the format "xshf yshf zshf xrot yrot zrot"

Additionally, the TRAK-Module needs the parameter "svdadb" set to 0, you can do this via

module put_parameter trak svdadb\0
in your BASF-Script. If you use the TRAK-Module directly in your Module, you have to add
trak.svdadb_ = 0;
before the initalisation of TRAK

For real data, trak will use the parameters in the file referenced by ALIGN_SVD2_DSSD and for MC-Data it will use ALIGN_SVD2_DSSD_MCRECON

GSIM will always use ALIGN_SVD2_DSSD

-- MartinRitter - 23 Feb 2009

Get extisting Alignment-parameters from Database

Open connection to pcbelle01 using = psql -U postgres -h pcbelle01 -d svd_align=, then enter
SELECT lo_export(pnt.loid, '/tmp/align-'|| lpad(pnt.exp||'.panther',10,'0')) FROM pnt ORDER by version;
This stores the alignment-constants in /tmp on pcbelle01

-- MartinRitter - 25 Feb 2009

META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="SVD-Parameters for GSIM" date="1235392013" name="gsim_svd2par.dat" path="gsim_svd2par.dat" size="1040" user="Main.MartinRitter" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="Example file for perfect Alignment" date="1235392088" name="alignment_constants.dat" path="alignment_constants.dat" size="24846" user="Main.MartinRitter" version="1"
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