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Finding Data/MC in KEK

To find Belle/MC-Data, one should use the Belle File Search Engine, which can only be accessed from inside KEK. Fortunately, this can be easily circumvented by opening an SSH-Tunnel when logging in to KEK. To do this, just add one parameter to your ssh-call:

ssh  -L <port>:bweb3.kek.jp:80 <loginname>@bl1.kek.jp

Subsitute any number above 1024 as port-number (usually something like 8888) and your login-id. Now you can access the Search-Engine using your web browser by going to http://localhost:<port> as long as you are logged in to KEK. Information concerning the usage can be found at http://belle.kek.jp/group/software/slides/DataSearch/soft_DataSearch.html

-- MartinRitter - 22 Apr 2009

Files stored in Garching

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