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This processor is for analyzing the reconstructed tracks and consists of two parts: one is dealing with the track-parameters (ImpactParameterResolution), the other is returning the 2nd vertex (coordinates(sim and reconstructed), rel Error), if there is one. After having done all the digitizing and reconstruction, MarlinVertex2 takes the following collections as an input:

LDCTracks   :reconstructed tracks
TrueTracks   :simulated tracks
MCParticle   :simulated particles
V0Vertices   :reconstructed 2nd vertex
VXDCollection :simulated hits
VTXRelation   :relation of simulated and reconstructed tracks (not needed)
VTXTrackerHits   :digitized hits

and returns the track/2nd vertex parameters of the simulated and reconstructed track. The output is a rootfile which name can be specified through the steering parameters in the Marlin steering file (.xml). This file has several ROOTTrees (e.g MarlinTrackTree) each with some ROOTbranches (e.g. D0; where the data is saved)

The most important track parameters are: | D0 || Z0 || Omega || chisquare || numbers degree of fredom || phi | ...

see also: http://lcio.desy.de/v01-10/doc/doxygen_api/html/classEVENT_1_1Track.html

an example of a histogram, using the MarlinVertex2 rootfile can be found here: RadiusDependency

-- PitVanhoefer - 25 Mar 2009

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