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TWiki's TWiki web The TWiki web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki Copyright 2019 by contributing authors 2015-11-29T10:27:03Z TWikiNetDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiNetDotPm 2015-11-29T10:27:03Z Package TWiki::Net Object that brokers access to network resources. ObjectMethod finish () Break circular references. ObjectMethod registerExternalHTTPHandler... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiDotPm 2015-11-29T10:27:03Z Package TWiki TWiki operates by creating a singleton object (known as the Session object) that acts as a point of reference for all the different modules in the system... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiConfigureUIsEXTENDDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiConfigureUIsEXTENDDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::Configure::UIs::EXTEND StaticMethod unpackArchive ($archive ,$dir ) Unpack an archive. The unpacking method is determined from the file extension... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiMetaDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiMetaDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::Meta All TWiki topics have data (text) and meta data (information about the topic). Meta data includes information such as file attachments, form... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiAccessDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiAccessDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::Access A singleton object of this class manages the access control database. Dynamic access control and permission caching As TWiki:Codev/DynamicAccessControl... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiMdrepoDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiMdrepoDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::Mdrepo ClassMethod new ($session) Construct a Mdrepo module. It`s a caller`s responsibility to guarantee all of the followings defined: $TWiki... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiLoginManagerDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiLoginManagerDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::LoginManager The package is also a Factory for login managers and also the base class for all login managers. On its own, an object of this class is... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiPluginDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiPluginDotPm 2013-10-14T08:02:47Z Package TWiki::Plugin ClassMethod new ($session,$name,$module) $session TWiki object $name name of the plugin e.g. MyPlugin $module... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiUserMappingDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiUserMappingDotPm 2011-08-21T04:16:08Z Package TWiki::UserMapping This is a virtual base class (a.k.a an interface) for all user mappers. It is not useable as a mapping in TWiki use the BaseUserMapping... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiSearchDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiSearchDotPm 2011-04-12T00:50:47Z Package TWiki::Search This module implements all the search functionality. ClassMethod new ($session) Constructor for the singleton Search engine object. ObjectMethod... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiUIUploadDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiUIUploadDotPm 2010-05-29T14:44:45Z Package TWiki::UI::Upload UI delegate for attachment management functions StaticMethod attach ($session) attach command handler. This method is designed to be... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiPrefsDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiPrefsDotPm 2010-05-29T14:44:10Z Package TWiki::Prefs The Prefs class is a singleton that implements management of preferences. It uses a stack of TWiki::Prefs::PrefsCache objects to store the preferences... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiUIRegisterDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiUIRegisterDotPm 2008-01-22T03:21:35Z Package TWiki::UI::Register User registration handling. StaticMethod register cgi ($session) register command handler. This method is designed to be invoked... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiTemplatesDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiTemplatesDotPm 2008-01-22T03:21:31Z Package TWiki::Templates Support for the TWiki template language. The following tokens are supported by this language: % TMPL:P% Instantiates a previously defined... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiAttachDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiAttachDotPm 2008-01-22T03:21:31Z Package TWiki::Attach A singleton object of this class is used to deal with attachments to topics. ClassMethod new ($session) Constructor. ObjectMethod finish... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor TWikiUIManageDotPm https://hlltwiki.hll.mpg.de/twiki/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiUIManageDotPm 2008-01-22T03:21:31Z Package TWiki::UI::Manage UI functions for web, topic and user management StaticMethod manage ($session) manage command handler. This method is designed to be... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor
  • Set SKIN = rssatom

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