Geometry description of PXD - SuperBelle pixel detector

PXD consists of 2 layers of silicon pixel-type ladders which are arranged in so-called wind-mill structure and consist of 2 sensors. The sensors may either contain constant pixel size (CPS option) or variable pixel size (VPS option) along Z axis. In R-Phi direction the size is fixed and set up to 50 um (pixels are arranged in so-called bricked type structure). As the ladders (forming 2nd layer) can not be produced from one Si wafer, they are split up and mechanically fixed together by a Si support structure in the middle (400 um thick).

  • active part consists of Si ladders, resp. 2 Si pixel-type sensors (50 um thick)
  • passive part consists of Si support rims (450 um thick), Si support bridge (2nd layer, 400 um thick) and 12 Si switcher/1 ladder (300 um thick)

Layer parameters:

Layer Number of ladders Radius [mm] Phi0 [deg] Offset in Z [mm] Offset in RPhi [mm]
1 10 18.0 90.0 +15.1 -2.20
2 12 22.0 90.0 +18.1 -2.53

Ladder parameters:

Layer Number of sensors Length [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [um]
1 2 98.0 12.5 50
2 2 117.4 12.5 50

Sensor parameters:
SensorParams.png SensorScheme.png

ILCSoftware implementation



  • VTXDigitizer - digitization of PXD with CPS or VPS
  • MaterialDB - active and passive materials

-- ZbynekDrasal - 4 May 2009

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