Initial things to do

  • log into or
  • call save-password and enter you RZG password twice

Prepare your submit script


# Job settings
#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -e /afs/ipp/home/k/kolja/logs/errorOutput
#$ -o /afs/ipp/home/k/kolja/logs/standardOutput
#$ -M
#$ -m ea
#$ -N Mokka_SBelle_optimization
#$ -q long

. /afs/

cd /afs/ipp/home/k/kolja/ilc/belle_data

Mokka mokka.steer

This is a plain bash script with some additions. All lines starting with #$ are parameters for the batch farm. You must change them to something sensible. Especially the email address! Be sure that the environment is set correctly.

submit the job with qsub

Monitoring your jobs

  • in the console use: qstat -u username
  • or graphically use: qmon

be sure to forward you display by calling you ssh with the parameter -X

-- KoljaProthmann - 20 Feb 2009

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